Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tips on Writing College Admission Essay

In High School, our academic counselors would tell us that our college admission essays were a very vital aspect of getting accepted in college. They would inform us that it didn’t matter the excellent grades we got .If our campus admission essay was written in a poor manner it would mess up our chances of getting into campus. They told us to write it in a way which brought out our personalities. They informed us that colleges wanted to read admission essays that told a story about ourselves, our ambitions and dreams. They also wanted to get a glimpse of our personality in a thoughtful and mature manner. We were warned though about going too deep into personal matters that was irrelevant to the application. This usually put off the admission board.
 What they desired to see were issues and matters that had a large impact on our lives, which led us to reach the stage that we were currently at. This included the life struggles that you had to undergo to achieve academically and personally. It also meant the obstacles that you had to overcome in life. The tone of the essay also mattered because nobody would want to read an essay that was written in a rude and arrogant manner. It was vital that we wrote out our achievements in a way that didn’t sound as if we were bragging. We were also informed that we should try our best to sound like we weren’t whining or complaining about our problems. At the end of the day, all the colleges expected, was to get students in its campus grounds that not only had excellent grades, but also students who would be good citizens of the campus. After receiving this information, I had to ensure that my college admission essay stood out so that I could be placed in the acceptance pile.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Strategies for Writing Essays

When the lecturers began to bombard us with essay writing assignments, I knew that I was in trouble unless I developed a strategy. I had been told of students who had spent hours writing their essays, only to receive poor grades for their work. I didn’t want to be counted as one of the students whose essays were placed in the failed tray. I had to develop a writing secret which would propel my essays to the top most grades and keep them there. The price that I had to pay included hard work, researching and reading a lot of materials for my essays. The first thing that I learnt how to do was write out the questions that I had in mind on a piece of paper. This helped me process the ideas that I had in mind, in a way that I could write them out on paper. I also had to carry out a lot of research on the topic that I was going to expound on. This was in order to get the facts right concerning the topic that I was going to write about in my essays. I would then proceed to write out a draft concerning the topic that I had chosen.
I also edited and added information to the parts that I considered to be relevant. I ensured that I introduced my first paragraph in a way that would capture the attention of the reader. This meant that the reader could be able to make out my standpoint, before he went deeper into reading my essay. I also ensured that my paragraphs had a flow within them, where I tried to keep the focus on the logical arguments of the essay. Finally I would write out my final draft, and proofread it thoroughly. This was to ensure that I dealt with grammatical errors adequately before I handed it in for grading.