Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Study the Night before a Test

      Campus students enjoy spending their time taking part in social activities with their friends. When their lecturers give them assignments to undertake, they place them in the back burner until the last minute. They prefer to go out and about in town, hopping from one club to the other as they inebriate themselves with alcohol. When the deadlines for their academic papers get closer, they begin to take notice and they rush through their studies in anxiety. The students realize that they have a huge workload to undertake within a very short period of time. This leads them to panic excessively especially if they also have an examination to study for within the same week. It leads them to spend sleepless nights working through their academic burdens. They end up feeling stressed, and this leads them to become disorganized in their study patterns as they rush to grasp everything before the exam date.
Other students prefer to study for the exams on the day before the exam itself. They do this with the hope that their short term memory will grasp almost everything that they are studying until they finish their exam. The students should ensure that they plan adequately for the last minute study night. They should envision the evening in the similar fashion which they use to plan for a movie night. They should have the basic necessities which they need to use for their study night. This may include allocating time for food, and bathroom activities. They should also take a few breaks during the study, and take walks in form of exercises along the dorm corridors. They should however ensure that they don’t awaken their dorm room neighbors in their quest to stay awake.
The students can also ensure that they place the study materials that they need such as flashcards, laptops, pens and papers on their study tables as a form of organization. The students can also arrange with their study partners to quiz them after they have finished studying most of the relevant topics. This is where the flash cards come in handy. Most of the lecturers also give their students study guides which they can use to steer them in the right direction of their study process. All in all, students should also ensure that they take time out to rest and get some sleep. Nobody wants to enter the exam room with baggy eyes, which might lead them to collapse on the exam sheet due to sleep deprivation.