Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay

When writing essays for class assignments and tests, it is prudent for you to write with the recommended format and length such a five- paragraph essay. You will win the lecturers attention from the word go. Your spread your visualized concept, idea or claim over introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction forms the first paragraph of your essay. You gain the attention of your reader with a remarkable opening statement. It motivates your lecturer to keep reading. You also introduce your topic in the same paragraph. This is your thesis statement; it acknowledges the topic you are writing about.

Within the thesis statement, present your personal claims and opinion on the topic then proceed to the body of the essay. The body covers the second, third and fourth paragraph. You present your ideas in the three paragraphs and back them up with good and catchy supportive statements. Notably, each paragraph should carry a single idea. The conclusion forms your last paragraph. It summarizes your main points in the body and a brief re-ascertain of your personal opinion or claims for the essay topic. It is prudent for you to write a draft first, revisit it or rewrite the main body so that they all synchronize to form a final epic composition.