Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Strategies for Writing Essays

When the lecturers began to bombard us with essay writing assignments, I knew that I was in trouble unless I developed a strategy. I had been told of students who had spent hours writing their essays, only to receive poor grades for their work. I didn’t want to be counted as one of the students whose essays were placed in the failed tray. I had to develop a writing secret which would propel my essays to the top most grades and keep them there. The price that I had to pay included hard work, researching and reading a lot of materials for my essays. The first thing that I learnt how to do was write out the questions that I had in mind on a piece of paper. This helped me process the ideas that I had in mind, in a way that I could write them out on paper. I also had to carry out a lot of research on the topic that I was going to expound on. This was in order to get the facts right concerning the topic that I was going to write about in my essays. I would then proceed to write out a draft concerning the topic that I had chosen.
I also edited and added information to the parts that I considered to be relevant. I ensured that I introduced my first paragraph in a way that would capture the attention of the reader. This meant that the reader could be able to make out my standpoint, before he went deeper into reading my essay. I also ensured that my paragraphs had a flow within them, where I tried to keep the focus on the logical arguments of the essay. Finally I would write out my final draft, and proofread it thoroughly. This was to ensure that I dealt with grammatical errors adequately before I handed it in for grading.


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